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We’d like to partner with you in your custom home building success!

Your Local Choice!

Make a local choice for small business and custom care.  We’re not a national chain or regional turn and burn contractor.

Easy Startup

Are you  just looking to talk to someone?  You don’t have to have all your ducks in a row to include a professional opinion!


We guarantee a great working relationship with anyone we do business with!

Affordable Prices

When building a new home you don’t want the cheapest. We’re not cheap, but we are lean operation which means we can pass on savings to you!

Luxury Custom Homes

Don’t stick to a cookie cutter plan if you don’t want to!  We do luxury Custom Homes in Southern MN

Flexible Payments

We’ll work with you to secure the best possible payment solutions for your new home builds!  It’s our goal to see your project through!


The fastest way to get a quote is simply to call (507) 526-2535



Frequently asked Custom Home Questions

A lot can go into building your first custom homes.


What does it mean to be a General Contractor

A general contractor represents a qualifying person that is responsible for the building materials, labor and day to day oversight of a construction project. Minnesota requires all general contractors go through an extensive testing process prior to acting as a professional Contractor in the State of Minnesota.

New Home Building Recommendations

Thinking of building a new home but don’t know where to start?
Every new home starts with a dream and a vision. Usually that vision has some “Must Haves”. Start by listing some of your “must haves.” Second start to add some details around that vision. Gain idea of what you want it to look like as a finished project. The more details the better. I advize people to look at Pintrest, magazines, online gallery’s, and even a drive around town. Everything from landscape to window trim, flooring, lighting, will be great to consider as your forming your vision. If you know you want a new home, but are stuck with putting the full vision together, then we’d be happy to meet with you and a design consultant and make your dream home a reality!