Winterizing Your Home – 3 Quick Tips


  • Install Weather Stripping 

Doors are notorious for allowing heat loss form your home.  Adding a simple door jam draft stopper or a door sweep will significantly reduce the heat loss through your doors.


  • Check Your Windows for Heat Loss

Window’s should not be overlooked in your winterization checklist. here is twice as much heat loss through your windows vs your walls. Check this by holding a candle near the widow sill, particularly on a windy day and watch to see if the candle flickers.  If it does, you know your window is leaking considerable heat.


  • Change or Clean Your furnace Filter

Changing or cleaning your furnace filter will vary by brand of furnace and recommended filter – but the process is likely very similar.  By changing the filter you are actively decreasing the amount of force placed on your furnace to pull and push air throughout your home. This can cut down on energy costs and extend the life of your furnace.